EcoPur Charge Master Core Technology

EcoPur® Charge, exclusively by Master Spas, is a hot tub water purification system that makes your hot tub easy to enjoy.

ecopur charge filter packaging

Using the same multi-stage filtration techniques as Mother Nature, EcoPur® Charge relies on a unique blend of copper and zinc at its core that creates an electrochemical reaction to eliminate many microorganisms and remove heavy metals from the water.

Using EcoPur® Charge hot tub filtration reduces the amount of chemicals needed, saving you money each month and safeguarding your investment by protecting the hot tub’s plumbing and equipment against the corrosive effects of chlorine.

Inside of an ecopur charge filter

The new EcoPur® Charge is made from Master Spas' filtration fabric. With this design, the fabric is wound tightly into a nautilus master core, creating a catalytic cell. The nautilus fabric cell is encased by a unique "spring core" that allows for maximum water flow and water "charging". As the hot tub water comes in contact with the EcoPur® Charge master core, a chemical reaction causes zinc and copper hydroxides to form in controlled amounts. Like Mother Nature, when controlled releases of copper and zinc oxides are carried into the filtered spa water, they kill bacteria and create a hostile environment for algae and fungal growth.

EcoPur® Charge is standard on every Getaway Hot Tub. Compare hot tub models to find your perfect Getaway.