Hot tub prices can vary greatly, depending on the type of construction, features and size. Although the initial cost is a consideration, it is also important to consider the operation and maintenance expenses that will be associated with your purchase. Purchasing a hot tub with solid foam insulation and quality filtration can greatly reduce your lifetime ownership costs. Getaway Hot Tubs offer five models that are durable, energy-efficient and affordable. Shop our products to see for yourself.

Master Spas stands behind every hot tub we make. When you purchase a Getaway Hot Tub by Master Spas, you’re purchasing a product that has been thoroughly tested and is backed by a comprehensive warranty. You can rest easy knowing your hot tub will provide you years of worry-free enjoyment.

The majority of hot tub owners choose to install their hot tub outdoors. However, it can be installed indoors as long as the structure is adequate. Download our free planning guide for more information to help you determine if installing your spa inside or outside is right for you.

There is no plumbing required for any Getaway Hot Tub model. Once the unit is in place, you simply fill it with your garden hose.

Several Getaway Hot Tubs are considered plug-and-play, meaning no special wiring is required. We also offer 240v models that require an electrician to install a dedicated 240v outlet. For more information, review our blog on the differences between 120v and 240v.

By using your hot tub regularly and maintaining water clarity, you will only need to clean it about every 3-4 months. To clean, you simply drain the water, wipe it down and refill with fresh water.

It generally takes 24 hours for your spa water to heat to the optimal temperature for the first time. However, this is dependent on several factors, including the voltage of the unit purchased, the temperature of the water used to fill the hot tub and the ambient temperature where the spa is located. If you have a specific deadline, please speak with your dealer to ensure your hot tub is delivered in plenty of time.

After the initial fill, you can choose to keep your hot tub water at a steady temperature ensuring it is ready to use at anytime, or you can maintain it at lower temperatures and heat to the ideal temperature when you know you are going to use it. The choice is yours.