Why Getaway

Getaway Hot Tubs, brought to you by the industry leader, Master Spas, makes owning a hot tub easy and stress-free! Featuring the latest in technology, our spas are lightweight, durable, low-maintenance and affordable.


Getaway’s portability opens up a world of possibilities. Gone are the days where hot tubs are placed in one spot and stay there indefinitely. With Getaway’s lightweight spas, renters can take advantage of all of the benefits hot tubs offer, and then take it with them when they go. If you wish to add an element of relaxation to your vacation destination, you can! The lightest-weight hot tubs on the market can now go wherever you go.

The plug and play technology of our spas makes installation easy and inexpensive. Simply fill it up, plug it in and enjoy. Because many of our spas work off of any standard electrical outlet*, you don’t have to worry about electrical work on your home, resulting in significant cost savings. For more information on the advantages of plug and play technology, check out our blog.

*Select models require 240v


With Getaway, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for an affordable price tag. All of our hot tubs are masterfully crafted to bring you unparalleled quality and relaxation without breaking the bank. From sleek simplicity, to cascading waterfalls and options like LED lights, backlit cup holders and Bluetooth® audio, Getaway has an option that fits both your needs and budget. Our blog features information on all of the cost factors to consider when purchasing a hot tub.


All Getaway Hot Tubs are made according to Master Spas’ stringent quality guidelines, ensuring every Getaway is built to last. Each spa is made of high-density polyethylene, which produces a durable, lightweight and scratch-resistant product. All of our hot tubs are equipped with Master Spas’ exclusive EcoPur® Charge filtration system, reducing the need for harsh chemicals, thereby preserving the spa’s plumbing and equipment while maintaining industry-leading water clarity. We exclusively use Balboa Water Group controls, which go through a 360-degree inspection and quality check before ever reaching a Getaway Hot Tub, where they are then further tested to ensure only the highest quality reaches our customers. Energy-efficient foam insulation maximizes heat retention and conserves power, ensuring our entire line of hot tubs meet the California Energy Commission guidelines.

Low Maintenance

Getaway Hot Tubs are among some of the lowest-maintenance hot tubs on the market. This is due, in large part, to Master Spas’ exclusive EcoPur® Charge purification system. This high-efficiency system comes standard on every Getaway Hot Tub and helps to remove heavy metals, bacteria and algae from the water. This reduces the need for harsh spa chemicals, and in turn, increases the lifespan of the spa’s equipment.

Due to the lightweight nature of Getaway Hot Tubs, draining and cleaning your hot tub has never been easier. Simply drain and wipe down the interior with a soft cloth to rid the spa of any organic matter left behind by bathers or the environment. For more tips on how to achieve crystal clear hot tub water, check out our blog.

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