The San Miguel 3 Person Hot Tub

San Miguel

Want to enjoy the health and lifestyle benefits of a hot tub, but not looking to occupy your entire backyard? Look no further. You can have the relaxation and therapy of owning a spa in a surprisingly small footprint. The San Miguel 3-person hot tub features 16 relaxing jets and comes as a convenient plug and play model that can be installed indoors or out.

Hot Tub Model Specifications

Dimensions: 69" x 79" x 32"
(176 cm x 201 cm x 82 cm)
Seats: Seats 3 Adults
Spa Jets: 17 Stainless Steel Jets
Pumps: Single Pump
Water Capacity: 180 gallons (680 L)
Dry Weight: 406 lbs (185 kg)
Full Weight: 2,015 lbs (914 kg)
Electrical Requirement: 120 Volts w/GFCI
Water Filtration: EcoPur® Charge with Ozone System
Cabinet: DuraMaster Espresso
Comfort & Convenience: 1 Pillow
Listing Number: 1730

Relax, It's Master Spas

Getaway Hot Tubs by Master Spas make owning a relaxing hot tub exactly what it should be: stress free. Master Spas’ quality is found in every inch of a Getaway Hot Tub, from the energy-efficient insulation to the high-quality controls.

Getaway Hot Tubs are available in three colors:

pebble beach shell color
Pebble Beach
sand dune shell color
Sand Dune
sea salt shell color
Sea Salt

DuraMaster Premium™ Skirting Opptions

DuraMaster Espresso Skirting
DuraMaster Graphite Skirting

EcoPur® Charge

All Getaway Hot Tubs feature patent-pending EcoPur® Charge Master Core Technology that keeps the water sparkling clean and assures that the quality of your water is superior to all industry standards. Click here to find out more about our EcoPur® Charge technology!

What is EcoPur® Charge?