Understand the Difference between 120v and 240v Hot Tubs

120v or 240v? That is the question. At least when it comes to hot tubs! The cyber world is awash with forums, blogs and the like comparing 120v to 240v hot tubs. So what is the real difference? Which type of hot tub should you buy? How do you know whether converting your 120v to 240v is the right move? Look no further; we have the answers to help you choose.


Let’s start with the basics. 120v and 240v refers to the voltage on which the hot tub runs. As such, 240v means more electricity, or watts, can move through the same wires. Is more always better? Sure, it has some benefits, but 120v hot tubs carry many benefits as well.



Probably the most attractive aspect of the 120v hot tub is the fact that it can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet. A 240v hookup requires electrical work, which translates into higher installation costs. Because of this easy plug and play installation, the 120v hot tubs are a more portable, less permanent, lower-cost option. Simply fill it up, plug it in and enjoy.



The major benefit to a 240v hot tub is the time it takes to heat the water. Due to the higher voltage, the water heats much quicker than 120v. 240v does not mean better jet power, as this is a widespread misconception. It can support multiple pumps, but the number of pumps does not necessarily mean more powerful jets. In addition, 240v tubs are often larger and have more luxurious features like stereo systems, waterfalls and lighting.


Which type of hot tub is right for me?

Purchasing a 120v or a 240v hot tub, or converting from 120v to 240v, really comes down to preference. Again, the 240v system heats the spa water faster, but this is really only a benefit when heating the tub for the first time, as both systems are able to keep water warm year-round. However, if you’re looking for a larger tub to accommodate more people, or if built-in audio for relaxing to your favorite song is a priority, a 240v may be the better option.


Getaway Hot Tubs offer both. The Ocho Rios 4-person hot tub and the San Miguel 3-person hot tub come standard as 120v plug and play spas, and both can be converted to 240v. The Bar Harbour, which is a larger 5-person hot tub, as well as the upgraded Ocho Rios LE, are both 240v spas.


Regardless of your choice, rest assured that your Getaway Hot Tub will efficiently retain heat, and the spa jets will powerfully massage away aches and pains, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience every time.

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