Relief From Arthritis Symptoms

The use of warm water therapy has been used for millennia. In fact, ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilizations recorded the use of warm water for health and medicinal purposes. Having withstood the test of time, warm water therapy has many notable benefits for some 41% of Americans who suffer some type of arthritic condition. Warm water has shown to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, loosen muscle stiffness and relieve joint pain and pressure. Below are some tips for maximizing the benefits of warm water to combat your arthritis symptoms.


Get the Temperature Right

The Arthritis Foundation puts the ideal water temperature for therapeutic benefits between 92 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above 104 degrees can be dangerous for anyone, especially those with a heart condition. The moral of the story is—go comfortably warm, not blazing hot.


Make Use of the Jets

The massaging effect of the hot tub jets helps relieve muscle tension and pain. You can also use a lacrosse or tennis ball at the small of your back or your neck to create a massaging sensation to relieve pain in those areas. The calming effect that a soak in the warm waters of a spa has on the stress of constant pain can be very rewarding.


Stretch it Out

While soaking in a hot tub is great for relaxation, movement in a hot tub is particularly effective for pain management. Because the warm water helps to relieve muscle tension, and the weightlessness of water increases range of motion, you can get a deeper stretch. This leaves lasting effects on the muscles and joints long after exiting the water.



The use of heat, although beneficial, can have a dehydrating effect. Dehydration can be a contributing factor for muscle and joint pain. For this reason, it is important that you hydrate properly before and after the use of warm water therapy.


Suffering from arthritis pain? Fear not! There is relief in sight, and it’s no further than your nearest Getaway Hot Tub dealer.