Hydrotherapy for Back Pain Relief

For chronic back pain sufferers, hydrotherapy may be your ticket to pain-free living. Using water to manage your back pain and strengthen your muscles is an all-natural way to help minimize your pain and prevent pain progression. Hydrotherapy can be performed simply in a pool, no hot water needed. But, performing hydrotherapy in the warm water of a hot tub brings healing to a new level!


Hydrotherapy Basics

Hydrotherapy is the act of completing a series of exercises in water to provide relief from low back (or other) pain. The exercises not only help to manage pain, but they also help to strengthen the muscles to prevent further injury. Water provides a weightless environment, so it allows people to perform exercises at extremely low impact, which minimizes pain.


Benefits of Warm Water

Warm water brings with it a host of benefits. It has been shown to increase muscular blood flow and reduce inflammation. This increases your range of motion, because there is less pain than when the same exercises are performed out of the water. A better range of motion means that one can obtain a deeper stretch than they normally would, which helps work out muscle kinks and build flexibility.



The powerful jets in a Getaway Hot Tub provide therapeutic massage, relieving muscle tension and pain. Also incredibly helpful for painful muscles is taking a lacrosse or tennis ball, putting it against the side of the tub and rolling out your muscle. Combined with the warm water, you’ll help to bring the muscle inflammation down, which is at the source of your pain.


Hydrotherapy Tips

In order to gain the full benefits of using your hot tub for hydrotherapy, be sure to get the temperature just right. Experts say somewhere between 92 and 100 degrees brings therapeutic benefits. Your hot tub should never be over 104 degrees, as that can be dangerous. Be sure to stay in motion. Hydrotherapy only works when you stretch and perform exercises. A soak is great, but when done in conjunction with exercises, it can increase pain relief. Always hydrate before and after your hydrotherapy session, as dehydration can exacerbate your back pain.


Tired of living in chronic pain? A Getaway Hot Tub may be just what the doctor ordered!

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