Find the Perfect Location for Your Hot Tub

Location, location, location! It’s true when it comes to your hot tub real estate, too. Think you don’t have much to plan when it comes to where to place your hot tub? Think again! One thing that is guaranteed to sour your hot tub experience is lack of location planning. So, what are the considerations?



It is important to place your hot tub on a level surface, preferably on a concrete or brick slab, so that any water run-off does not cause issues. Due to Getaway Hot Tubs’ lightweight, durable construction, almost any flat surface will be able to support its weight. However, if you plan to put the spa on a deck or porch, it is a good idea to have the structural integrity evaluated to be sure that it is able to support the weight of the spa.



Ensure that the area in which you place the hot tub is free of sand, as sand can cause damage to the filtration system. Also, you’ll want to be careful not to place the spa in a low-lying area that can flood easily in a storm.



If you are placing your hot tub outdoors, you will want to consider its proximity to your back door. Think about taking a soak on a chilly evening or a rainy weekend—you’ll be grateful to only have to walk a few steps to reach the warmth of your hot tub.



In order to avoid costly electrical work, be sure that the hot tub will be in a place where the electrical cord will be able to reach an outlet. Also, be sure that you do not place the hot tub under any overhead electrical lines, as that can obviously lead to serious issues.



Consider placing the hot tub in a place that has a pleasant view. On the flip side, think about how the tub will look in your yard. You want it to be appealing to the eye from both vantage points. Adding some landscaping around the hot tub adds value from both viewpoints.


So, although hot tubs have become incredibly convenient to install, there is still a lot to consider. Yes, they are more portable than ever, but you want to save yourself from having to drain, move and refill a hot tub multiple times. So be sure to pick the ideal location for your hot tub to enhance your enjoyment for years to come!


Download our Hot Tub Planning Guide for more information.

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