How to Achieve Crystal Clear Hot Tub Water

Picture this. It’s a beautiful Sunday, there is a slight chill in the air and you’re ready to watch football on your outdoor TV while relaxing in your hot tub. Yes, please! The hot tub is warm, and you’re suited up. You go to dip your toe into the water and notice that it’s a hot, murky mess. What a disappointment! How can you make sure your perfect Sunday doesn’t suffer this same fate? Check out our water purity tips, and rest assured that this scenario is totally avoidable!


Invest in a Quality Purification System

First and foremost, a quality purification system can help reduce the amount of chemicals that you need to use in your hot tub. While a chemical-free hot tub is not yet an option, the EcoPur® Charge filtration system, offered exclusively by Master Spas is a step in the right direction. This revolutionary water purification system is standard on every Getaway Hot Tub and leads the industry in removing heavy metals, bacteria and algae from the water, while preserving the spa’s plumbing and equipment from the effects of harsh chemicals. You can read all about the EcoPur® Charge filtration system by clicking here.



Because hot water provides an ideal environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive, sanitizers are a must. The most common water sanitizers are chlorine and bromine. Both are effective, but there are some differences. Chlorine is cheaper than bromine, but bromine remains stable at higher PH levels, where chlorine does not. Bromine is more effective at killing bacteria and viruses, whereas chlorine kills algae more rapidly. Bromine can be less irritating to skin, and smells softer. In short, there are pros and cons to both, so do your research, but the use of one or the other is absolutely necessary.


Alkalinity and pH Balancers

When spa water is too alkaline or too acidic, it has adverse effects on the water, the equipment and the bather, ranging from poor sanitizer efficiency, to corroded equipment, to skin and eye irritation. Achieving the perfect balance is key. First, you’ll need to invest in a test kit or strips to get a pH reading of your water. Then, depending on the outcome, add pH balancing products to your water that will either increase or decrease the pH level as needed.


Remove Organic Matter

Filtration systems often cannot rid water of organic material such as perspiration, which causes murky water. Shockers and clarifiers help to remove this matter, keeping water clean and clear. Along those same lines, scum and foam absorbers help minimize the presence of matter such as lotion, shampoo and body oils.


Maintaining your hot tub properly will increase the lifespan, making sure you can enjoy it for years to come. In short, love your hot tub, and it will love you back! So get ready to enjoy that football Sunday, but leave the nachos to the side.

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