How Much Does a Hot Tub Cost?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a hot tub, no doubt you’re running numbers. Because it isn’t just about the cost of the hot tub itself, but also the installation, maintenance and energy costs to power the hot tub. All of these factors make purchasing a hot tub a sizeable investment. So, does the old adage “you get what you pay for” apply when it comes to hot tubs?


Let’s compare a hot tub to something that nearly every consumer has in their home. You’re at an electronics retailer looking for a TV. There are two units side by side, and one costs more than the other. One is a flat screen smart TV with the latest technology. The other is also a flat screen, but you notice the picture is a bit pixelated. Upon inspection of the details, you find that the reason for this is the slower refresh rate on the cheaper TV. Done deal, you’re going with the more expensive model, because you don’t want to look at tiny squares dancing across your screen for the next 10 years. Hey, you get what you pay for, right?


Now to the hot tub. The same principle applies. How would you feel if, after making the investment, you find that your water is never as warm as you’d like it to be? Or that, despite running the filtration system, your water looks cloudy and irritates your skin? These are exactly the types of things that can happen when you buy a hot tub based on price alone. A price tag is one-dimensional and doesn’t take into account any of the following factors that can translate into cost for the buyer.


Insulation: A poorly insulated hot tub will not retain heat as well as a hot tub that is made with quality insulation. Less heat retention means the hot tub will use more power, and cost more, for the owner to heat. Full foam insulation in every Getaway Hot Tub offers superior insulation and heat retention with every unit, meeting the stringent guidelines set forth by the California Energy Commission.


Filtration: An efficient, effective filtration system is of critical importance to a hot tub. Not only does a filtration system remove impurities and organic matter from the hot tub, but it can also reduce the amount of harsh chemicals needed to treat the water, which reduces the amount of chemicals you need to purchase and works to preserve the spa’s plumbing and equipment, as well as your skin. Getaway Hot Tubs are equipped with the exclusive EcoPur® Charge filtration system, offered only by Master Spas, which greatly reduces the need for harsh spa chemicals and saves you money.


Poor Construction: Poor construction can lead to a host of problems, from line leaks to malfunctioning pumps. Purchasing your hot tub from a reputable manufacturer with a longstanding reputation, a solid warranty and a nationwide dealer network for sales, support and hot tub service ensures your investment is protected. Master Spas has been manufacturing hot tubs for over 25 years and is a Spa Search Certified manufacturer as well as a recipient of the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for business place ethics.


So, does “you get what you pay for” apply to hot tubs? Absolutely! Look past the upfront cost, and instead consider the lifetime cost of the spa. “It’s easier to explain cost once than to apologize for quality forever.” –Zig Ziglar

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