Advantages of Plug and Play Hot Tubs

Want a hot tub, but the thought of the installation process is overwhelming you? Have you decided that you want the relaxation, but are concerned about the overall cost of a hot tub? We understand! The traditional hot tub installation process contains several detailed, and often pricey, steps that creates hesitation for many people. While traditional hot tubs are still a great option for those looking to make a more permanent investment, a plug and play hot tub is a viable solution for individuals who want the benefits of a hot tub without the expense or hassle of installation. Read on for the advantages of a plug and play hot tub.


Lower Initial Cost

Due to a more efficient manufacturing process, as well as more affordable materials, most plug and play hot tubs are available at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hot tub. This lower price point makes them attractive to many people who want the relaxation and therapeutic advantages of a hot tub, but at a more affordable price.


No Electrical Work Required

Because these tubs use a 120v vs. a 240v hookup, the spa can simply be plugged into any standard outdoor electrical outlet. Many homes need electrical upgrades in order to handle a 240v hot tub, including main breaker and circuit board replacement—all contributing to the installation expenses.

No Digging Necessary

Most cities and towns require 240v cables to be buried at least 18 inches underground, and there is also some amount of digging involved with pouring the concrete foundation for placement of the hot tub itself. Because of their construction, plug and play hot tubs require only a level, solid surface for installation, which translates into additional cost savings for you!


One of the biggest advantages of plug and play hot tubs is their portability. So, if you currently rent, or are planning to move soon, you can still enjoy all the benefits of a hot tub, and take it with you when you go! It is also smaller in size than most traditional hot tubs, so it is lighter and able to fit into more spaces.


So, whether you take your hot tubbing seriously, or you are just looking for an easy, lower cost investment, Getaway Hot Tubs has a solution for you! Learn more about the advantages of Getaway Hot Tubs here.